Keterlibatan Variabel Gaya Belajar Dalam Mempengaruhi Hubungan Motivasi Belajar Terhadap Hasil Belajar Mahasiswa

Muhammad Refki Novesar


The process of knowledge transfer in the world of higher education, with the existence of an independent campus, where students must be more active, it becomes one of the factors students can maximize all abilities to get the best results, by creating motivation and maximizing learning styles. This study uses three variables, namely the independent variable is learning motivation, the dependent variable is learning outcomes, and the intervening variable is learning. This research uses path technique analysis, in order to influence directly and indirectly. With the object of research are active students. The results show that partially, learning motivation and learning styles have a significant influence on student learning outcomes, and in the direct and indirect effects they have, the results show that the indirect effect is better, in other words, learning motivation influences learning outcomes through intervention. by the learning style variable, gives better results


Learning Motivation, Learning Style, Learning Outcomes

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