Focus and Scope

Focus And Scope

Journal of Accounting, Management and Economics Research (JAMER) is a journal published by the Faculty of Economics and Business YARSI University in collaboration with some the Professional Association, periodically twice a year (January and July). JAMER publishes original research and critcism into issues in the field of accounting, finance, business, management, and economics research. JAMER is an peer-reviewed journal, which is devoted to current issues of accounting, management, and economics and covers diversified topics by including:

Accounting and Finance Business and Managemet Economics
Financial accounting Marketing managemet Development economics
Accounting management Human capital management Financial economics
Auditing Information system Political economics
Taxation Business administration Monetary systems
Public Accounting Operation management International trade
Sharia Accounting Project management Islamic economics
Corporate finance Behaviour and organization Energy economics
Corporate governance Business strategy Natural resources economics
Investment and Markets Technology management Technological economics
Banking Innovation and entrepreuneurship Engineering economics
Financial technology Business law and ethics Central bank and policy
Market microstructure International management Public policy

Peer-review. To eliminate bias, the journal employs double-blind peer review, in which neither the authors nor the reviewers are aware of each other's identities. The Committee on Publication Ethics Guidelines for Peer Reviewers, which gives a thorough guide on the ethics of peer review, is followed by YARSI University. 

Journal policies. The journal publishes its rules, which include instructions for authors and reviewers as well as information regarding submission, editorial, and publication procedures. The rights and duties of all participants are outlined to guarantee a smooth and ethical publication process. 

Open Access Journal. The journal is an open-access publication. This publication, along with the others produced by FEB YARSI University, is published by Open Access, allowing readers to freely reuse the information. Open Access enables the unfettered exchange of intellectual material and contributes to the global promotion of knowledge.

Fees and charges. Article Publication Charges do not cover the publication procedure (APCs).

Copyright. Individual papers are released Open Access under the Creative Commons License: CC-BY-SA 4.0, which allows free use, distribution, and reproduction in any form as long as the original author and source are cited. Authors maintain ownership of their articles' intellectual property rights but allow FEB YARSI University the right of first publication.

Final Submission Checklist. Before sending their manuscripts to the publication, the authors are needed to verify their submission requirements. Before the publisher may process the document, the following requirements must be met:

  • The contribution has never been published before.
  • The text should precisely correspond to the style and bibliographic requirements of the publisher, as indicated in the author guidelines.
  • Additionally, the author must file a Copyright Transfer Agreement.