About the Journal

Journal of Accounting, Management and Economics Research (JAMER) is a journal published by the Faculty of Economics and Business YARSI University in collaboration with some the Professional Association, periodically twice a year (July and January). JAMER publishes original research and critcism into issues in the field of accounting, finance, business, management, and economics research. JAMER is an peer-reviewed journal, which is devoted to current issues of accounting, management, and economics and covers diversified topics by including:

Accounting and Finance Business and Managemet Economics
Financial accounting Marketing managemet Development economics
Accounting management Human capital management Financial economics
Auditing Information system Political economics
Taxation Business administration Monetary systems
Public Accounting Operation management International trade
Sharia Accounting Project management Islamic economics
Corporate finance Behaviour and organization Energy economics
Corporate governance Business strategy Natural resources economics
Investment and Markets Technology management Technological economics
Banking Innovation and entrepreuneurship Engineering economics
Financial technology Business law and ethics Central bank and policy
Market microstructure International management Public policy