Pengaruh Daya Tarik Produk, Harga dan Suasana Pasar Terhadap Keputusan Pembelian dengan Kepuasan Pelanggan sebagai Variabel Mediasi


  • Irfan Afianto Nugroho
  • Muslikh Muslikh


Analyzing purchasing decisions influenced by several variables: product attractiveness, price and store atmosphere mediated by customer satisfaction is the aim of this research on a remote car (battery car) game rental business called 2 Putri Toys located at Koja Baru Market, North Jakarta. The SEM data analysis technique uses PLS. The respondents to this survey were 2 Putri Toys customers, totaling 107 random respondents. From the results of SmartPLS3 data, it was found that there was a positive and significant influence between product attractiveness and price on customer satisfaction. Product attractiveness has a positive and significant effect on purchasing decisions. Purchasing decisions are influenced by price and customer satisfaction positively and not significantly. The store atmosphere has a negative and significant effect on purchasing decisions but has a positive and insignificant effect on customer satisfaction. Although customer satisfaction cannot influence market conditions regarding purchasing decisions, product attractiveness and price can be influenced.

Author Biography

Muslikh Muslikh

Magister Management, Faculty Economy and Business, YARSI University, Jakarta