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Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.
  • Naskah belum pernah diterbitkan sebelumnya, dan tidak sedang dalam pertimbangan untuk diterbitkan di jurnal lain (atau sudah dijelaskan dalam Komentar kepada Editor).
  • File naskah dalam format dokumen OpenOffice, Microsoft Word, atau RTF.
  • Referensi yang dapat diakses online telah dituliskan URL-nya.
  • Naskah diketik dengan teks 1 spasi; font 12; menggunakan huruf miring, bukan huruf bergaris bawah (kecuali alamat URL); dan semua ilustrasi, gambar, dan tabel diletakkan dalam teks pada tempat yang diharapkan, bukan dikelompokkan tersendiri di akhir naskah.
  • Naskah mengikuti aturan gaya selingkung dan bibliografi yang disyaratkan dalam Panduan Penulis.

Author Guidelines

Author Guidelines

  1. The article should be within the scope and focus of this journal.
  1. The article is sent in Ms.Word format with the following conditions:
  • A4 paper with the page margin; Left (2,5 cm), top (2,5 cm), Right (2,5 cm), and bottom (2,5 cm);
  • Articles may be up to 12 page in length excluding indexing. 
  • The paper is written in one column with Book Antiqua font 12, except for the title; Garamound font 16.
  • Conjunctions in the title (and, in, or with, as well, about, that, against, so, because, then, for the sake,) and prepositions (in, to, from, into, within, by, through) are written in
  1. Cite all relevant references.
  2. Do not include plagiarized obscene, libelous or defamatory material.
  3. Please do not insert page numbers.
  4. Give credit to other people who have helped or influenced your work.
  5. Articles are written with the following regulations.
  • TITLE (Garamound 16; contains uppercase on the whole and bold; 1 space).
  • Author(s) Name(Garamound 12 and bold; 1 space).
  • Author(s) Affiliation(Garamound 11; 1 space), contains the name of the institution/organization/workplace/author’s works/study place.
  • Correspondence(Calisto MT 8, 1 space), contains the first author’s email address only.
  • Abstract (Calisto MT 10; contains uppercase in the first letter and bold; 1 space). The manuscript abstract is written in English only. 
  • Keywords(Calisto MT 8; bold; italic) and their contents (Calisto MT 8), keywords are written in English; with a number of 3-5 keywords.
  • INTRODUCTION(Book Antiqua 12 and bold) and its contents (Book Antiqua12; 1 space).
  • METHODS (Book Antiqua 12 and bold) and its contents (Book Antiqua12; 1 space).
  • FINDINGS (Book Antiqua 12 and bold) and its contents (Book Antiqua12; 1 space).
  • DISCUSSION (Book Antiqua 12 and bold) and its contents (Book Antiqua12; 1 space). Descriptions of the findings and discussion should be made separately.
  • CONCLUSION AND SUGGESTION (Book Antiqua 12 and bold) and its contents (Book Antiqua12; 1 space)..
  • REFERENCES (Book Antiqua 12 and bold) and its contents (Book Antiqua12; 1 space). Sources of citations and bibliography must be the same. The writing format of a bibliography refers to the American Psychological Association (APA). Citation and bibliography writing are advised to use the Mendeley application.





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