Suplementasi bFGF (basic Fibroblast Growth Factor) meningkatkan kecepatan migrasi sel kultur HDF (Human Dermal Fibroblast) pada model luka in vitro

Yurika Sandra


Fibroblasts are the key cell responsible for wound healing. To accelerate wound healing, molecules are needed to improve the proliferation and migration of fibroblasts. bFGF is a growth factor commonly used as a supplement in cell culture to improve proliferation and maintain stemness cell.  This study was to verify the effect of bFGF on HDF migration.

This study was an experimental design using four groups of fibroblasts sample. The intervention groups were cultured with bFGF and bFGF+DMSO combination, where as the control groups where cultured with standard supplement and DMSO. Fibroblasts were obtained from Stem Cell Laboratory at Yarsi University. A pipette tip was used to prepare a scratch across the layer of fibroblast. The average extent of wound closure was evaluated by measuring the width of the wound. The speed of migrating cells into the wound area was examined and photographed. Cell migration was assessed by microphotography. Data analysis was performed with paired student t-test.

bFGF enhanced migration of fibroblast after 24 hours about  40%, where as DMSO 2% inhibited migration of fibroblast about 40,83%. Fibroblast was supplemented DMSO2% + bFGF 8ng/ml combination showed similar with untreated group.

The result of this study indicate that the bFGF may be useful in management of  wounds



Fibroblast kulit manusia, bFGF, Migrasi, DMSO

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