The Effect of Calorie Restriction on Body Weight, Fat Tissue Weight and the Histopathological Picture of Fat Tissue in Rats

Lena Fitriyana, Diniwati Mukhtar, Aan Royhan


Background : Calorie restriction is a reduction in calorie intake without malnutrition, as the main tool to improve health (Tomiyama et al.,2017). Limitation of calorie intake around 20-40% of total calorie intake, but intake remains adequate to reduce inflammation (Trepanowski et al., 2010). Obesity is one of the consequences of excessive calorie consumption which causes inflammation so that it can increase the risk of degenerative diseases (Susantiningsih, 2015). Overweight is divided into two, namely hypertrophy occurs by the accumulation of large amounts of fat in unilocular fat cells, so that the size of fat cells reaches four times larger, but the number of fat cells does not increase. And hyperplasia is a heavy obesity because in addition to growing cells also the number of cells becomes more (Sunny Wangko, 2014). One effort that can be done to reduce the increase in degenerative diseases is by limiting caloric intake or appropriate calorie restriction (Brzek et al., 2012).Purpose : This study purpose to determine changes in body weight, fat tissue and histopathological features of fat tissue in rats given calorie restriction and reviewed according to Islamic views.Methods : This type of research is an experimental laboratory for 6 weeks with research subjects male white rats (Wistar Strain) which is divided into 2 groups, namely control, and Calorie Restrictions Taking samples of body weight and fat tissue in the abdomen and supraclavicular to see the number of cells fat, fat cell size and weight of white fat tissue and brown fat tissue.

Results Calorie restriction can reduce fat cell size, and weight of white fat tissue significantly (p <0.05). in brown fat there was a significant increase. but in the measurement of body weight and fat cell numbers there were no significant differences (p> 0.05).

Conclusion :  In calorie restriction there was no significant relationship after a study of body weight and fat cell count, but found a significant relationship to the weight of white fat tissue and brown fat tissue and the size of fat cells. In Islamic view calorie restriction is the same as limiting food intake as recommended by the Prophet about 1/3 of the stomach for food.



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