Uji efikasi insektisida pirethroid sintetik berbahan aktif d-allethrin dan permethrin terhadap Aedes aegypti dengan aplikasi pengasapan


  • Hadi Suwasono
  • Hasan Boesri



d-allethrin, permethrin, Aedes aegypti, fogging


Aedes aegypti, vector of DHF, control has been relied on insecticides to prevent the disease transmission. Vector resistance will be speeded up by frequent use of insecticides; therefore alternative insecticides should be sought and tested. In this study, an efficacy test of insecticide containing active ingredient of d-allethrin 10% and permethrin 20% against caged Ae. aegypti hang indoor and outdoor was conducted by thermal fogging application.  Both concentrations of 5 ml and 7,5 ml by product per liter diesel oil showed a knockdown effect of about 98 – 100% in less than 60 minutes. After 24 hours holding period at the laboratory about 98 – 100% of Ae.aegypti mortality was observed. It was concluded that the insecticide was effective in killing Ae. aegypti.


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