Journal of Entrepreneurship and Community Innovations (JECI) <p>Journal of Entrepreneurship and Community Innovations (JECI)</p> Faculty of Economics and Business YARSI University, Jakarta, Indonesia en-US Journal of Entrepreneurship and Community Innovations (JECI) <p><a href="" rel="license"><img style="border-width: 0;" src="" alt="Creative Commons License" /></a><br />This work is licensed under a <a href="" rel="license">CC Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License</a></p> KKN dengan Sistem Hybrid di Wilayah Kavling Rawa Bunga, Tangerang Selatan <p>Higher education has three important things known as Tri Darma, namely education and teaching, research and community service. In this activity, the focus is on community service with cross-departmental collaboration with Budi Lihur University in collaboration with several local environmental volunteers. The work program planned by Budi Luhur University students related to Community Service Program includes 3 types of activities, namely a webinar socializing healthy living, a torch relay in commemorating the Birthday of the Prophet Muhammad and aquaponic cultivation methods. The output of the achievement of this real work course is for the community to receive the latest education with the millennial concept, namely adequate knowledge in dealing with COVID-19, while for students, namely to get direct experience of observations of what they learn during lectures.</p> Fathan Mubina Dewadi Lutfi Yudi Kiswanto Adhifa Mizan Ghifary Copyright (c) 2022 Lutfi Yudi Kiswanto, Fathan Mubina Dewadi Fathan 2022-08-26 2022-08-26 1 1 1 8 10.33476/jeci.v1i1.12 Bimbingan Karir Bagi Lulusan Mahasiswa: Pelatihan Mencari Lowongan Pekerjaan, Menulis Surat Lamaran Pekerjaan dan Mendesain CV Menarik <p>Tujuan kegiatan pengabdian kepada masyarakat kegiatan ini adalah untuk memberikan edukasi (bimbingan karir) dalam mencari lowongan pekerjaan, menulis surat lamaran pekerjaan serta membuat Curriculum Vitae (CV) yang menarik bagi lulusan mahasiswa D3 dan S1. Kegiatan ini dilaksanakan pada hari Sabtu 4 Juni 2022 dengan menggunakan Zoom dan YouTube live streaming. Partisipan/ peserta kegiatan ini berjumlah 62 peserta yang merupakan lulusan mahasiswa Diploma dan Sarjana dari berbagai perguruan tinggi di Indonesia. Metode pengabdian yang digunakan adalah metode ceramah dan simulasi/demosntrasi. Hasil kegiatan menunjukkan bahwa dalam metode ceramah, narasumber menjelaskan materi tentang tema/topik terkait bimbingan karir yang meliputi jenis tahapan lulus kuliah, iklan lowongan pekerjaan di berbagi sumber/referensi, surat lamaran pekerjaan serta daftar riwayat hidup atau <em>Curriculum Vitae </em>(CV). Sedangkan dalam metode simulasi/demosntrasi, narasumber mensimulasikan/mendemonstrasikan beberapa hal terkait dengan materi misal cara mencari lowongan pekerjan dari beberapa sumber, cara menulis surat lamaran pekerrjan, cara menulis <em>Curriculum Vitae</em> (CV) dan mendesain <em>Curriculum Vitae</em> (CV) yang menarik dengan aplikasi Canva. Selanjutnya, narasumber memberikan waktu kepada peserta untuk memberikan pertanyaan terkait dengan tema/topik. Peserta kegiatan terlihat aktif dan antusias dalam Mengikuti kegiatan, menuliskan beberapa pertanyaan di room chat Zoom dan narasumber menjawab pertanyaan peserta.</p> Tira Nur Fitria Copyright (c) 2022 Tira Nur 2022-08-26 2022-08-26 1 1 9 15 10.33476/jeci.v1i1.15 Pelatihan Pemanfaatan Aquaponik Bagi Warga Kavling Rawa Bunga, Tangerang Selatan <p>This community service is a form of service or contribution to the community by collaborating on research and teaching that has been carried out in universities. The purpose of this activity is to provide an understanding for the community of the importance of innovating so that later it can be used as a place for entrepreneurship. The phenomena of the problems faced in this activity are human resources in the swamp flower plots that are not yet qualified for technological innovation activities. The method used is by observing activities that are often encountered, namely hydroponic. However, other innovations from hydroponics are needed, namely aquaponics with a slightly different method. With this difference, the related parties can get out of their comfort zone so that they can find a solution to the joint planting of kale. If further collaborated, then with the long term it can be relied on upon entrepreneurship.</p> Karyadi Rizki Aulia Nanda Amir Fathan Mubina Dewadi Copyright (c) 2022 Fathan Mubina Dewadi Fathan 2022-08-26 2022-08-26 1 1 16 21 10.33476/jeci.v1i1.19 Perancangan Panel Surya di Wilayah Kavling Rawa Bunga, Tangerang Selatan demi Penghematan Energi Masyarakat <p>Since youth are not merely social statuses that are easily ordered or treated with disdain, but also need to be appreciated by providing proper chances, the role of youth in starting a community service program does need to be followed up. Field research and literary analysis are the first steps in this innovation. The fact that doing simulation activities or innovations necessitates so many references is, of course, why a literature study is necessary. To ensure that the work done does not cease, this activity's last stage involves drawing conclusions till it becomes a report and publishing it. The Graha Raya's solar panel design is particularly adaptable because it simply uses the edge area as a solar panel roof. If there are people who want to engage in fishing activities and if they want to innovate more, this solar panel roof will be able to protect them from the heat.</p> M. Dibyo Setiawan Fathan Mubina Dewadi Copyright (c) 2022 Fathan Mubina Dewadi Fathan 2022-08-26 2022-08-26 1 1 22 27 10.33476/jeci.v1i1.20 Peningkatan Kapasitas Ibu PKK Nurul Huda Kelurahan Awirarangan Melalui Pelatihan Literasi Keuangan <p><em>Community service was carried out on PKK Mother Nurul Huda Awirarangan Village, Subdistrict and Kuningan Regency, West Java. This activity aims to provide knowledge and understanding of financial literacy in the covid-19 era to housewives who are members of the PKK Nurul Huda organization.</em> <em>The training materials provided are about planning, recording about family income and expenditure and simple reporting in the form of bookkeeping, the existence of dissuction and Q&amp;A activities between speakers and participants to make socialization and training conditions run well and actively.</em> <em>This activity was carried out in two places, namely the Multipurpose Building and the Village Meeting Room with a total of about 15 participants and still tried to follow health protocols during the covid-19 pandemic. The results of socialization and training activities participants are able to know and be skilled about family financial management and are expected to be able to be applied in their daily lives.</em></p> <p><strong><em>Keywords: Financial Literacy, Financial Management, Family Finance, PKK Nurul Huda</em></strong></p> Amir Hamzah Herma Wiharno Teti Rahmawati Odang Supriatna Copyright (c) 2022 Amir Hamzah, Herma Wiharno, Teti Rahmawati, Odang Supriatna 2022-08-26 2022-08-26 1 1 28 34 10.33476/jeci.v1i1.21