Memutus Penularan Kuman Penyakit Infeksi Saluran Cerna Melalui Penyuluhan Jamban Bersih dan Cuci Tangan Kepada Ibu-Ibu PKK RPTRA Harapan Mulya Jakarta

Rika Ferlianti, Ndaru Andri Damayanti, Endah Purnamasari


Diarrhea is an infectious disease which is a major cause of morbidity
and mortality in the community. Diarrhea can be caused by
gastrointestinal parasites, especially intestinal protozoa. Poor levels of
sanitation and low individual hygiene can lead to contamination of the
infective form of intestinal protozoa into food and drinks. The results of
pre-survey were at RPTRA Harapan Mulia in October 2016 that there
were still people in the settlements still not using personal latrines. The
level of cleanliness of mass latrines used collectively is still lacking.
Latrines that are not managed properly are a description of sanitation as
well as poor hygiene so that it can disrupt the health of individuals and
reduce work productivity and learning achievement. Counseling was
carried out to educate PKK group in Kelurahan Harapan Mulya, about
the habit of clean and healthy living through good latrine management
so as not to become a source of contamination into food and drinks, as
well as the correct way of washing hands. The extension method used
was lectures and discussions with pre and post test assessment. The
extension activity was conducted one visit, on February 23, 2017. Total
respondents were 27 people and had signed the approval sheet.
Assessment of respondents' knowledge which is calculated from the value
of the pre and post test questionnaires shows results that increase by
100%. At the end of the activity the respondent was given a leaflet on the
procedure for good hand washing and a kit for hand washing.


counseling, diarrhea, latrines, hand washing, PKK women

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