Arief Samuel Gunawan, Herastia Maharani, Karen K Tatuh


SMKN XYZ is a vocational institution located in Bandung. In performing learning activities, SMKN XYZ implemented e-learning systems, namely Edmodo and school website, to complement and support daily learning activities. E-learning system is used as a solution when teachers could not attend the class. But in reality, it was found that both Edmodo and school website have relatively similar features and functions in use. Furthermore, it was found from interviews and questionnaire results that both existing applications were lacking of several necessary features such as chatting and math equation features. Therefore, an analysis and evaluation of e-learning system recommendation will be conducted in this research. There are 5 main requirements of SMKN XYZ regarding e-learning implementation, which were found from the interviews and questionnaire, namely learning material online sharing, online discussion, online assignment, online quiz and online announcement. Moodle is a web-based open source e-learning application. Using Moodle could support online learning activities and meet the 5 main requirements of SMKN XYZ, by providing features such as access to learning materials, assignment, quiz, discussion and other important informations, including chatting and math equation features which were not available in Edmodo and school website.


online learning activities; open source e-learning; moodle

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