Evasaria M Sipayung, Yosi Yonata, Chrevita J Rende


Anak Pelangi Indonesia (API) Foundation is a non-profit foundation that offers scholarship programs for elementary, middle and high school students. This institute is supported by donaturs who give contribution to the Foundation. The donation is processed to be a cost that is used to pay Sumbangan Pembinaan Pendidikan (SPP) or Education Development Donation of each student. Currently, the provision of monthly donor fund is at uncertain amount so that the Foundation needs to determine the students of whom SPP will be firstly paid. However, the funding needs of each student are different due to the different amount of SPP and a giving fine from the school for the tardiness in paying the tuition. From these matters, the Foundation finds it difficult in deciding which students whose the tuition will be paid first. The solution to this problem is to use the four criteria referring to the tuition payment, namely the difference of pay date, fine, rank, and the amount of payment. The four criteria is then given the same integrity which is 25% for each criteria and counted by using Weighted Product (WP) method. The result of this research is an information system to the selection of scholarship payment using Weight Product method that takes the biggest value from the calculation result as a reference in deciding which students of whom SPP will be initially paid in accordance with the current fund condition.


scholarship; SPP; weighted product

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